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To forever change the way golf is taught by having everyone understand the anatomical movements underlying every golf swing. Instead of relying on ambiguous, anecdotal sayings, the golf instructors of the future will be able to concisely and accurately determine a golfer's swing flaw and remedy it with simple language. - by Kelvin Miyahira

New Article - Face Angle, Survey of Major Winners Clubface Angle at the top

June 2016

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New Article - Golf Science: It Depends (by Max Prokopy)

April 2016

 Millions of people were once convinced the sun revolved around the earth.  History is littered with the mistake of focusing on what we can measure and trying to extract meaning.  Does it measure what it says it measures?  Does a tagline or magic bullet leave out critical elements?  Are there ulterior motives to over-simplification?

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New Article - Turning Micro-moves into Macro-moves
(Or... How to cook your swing properly)

March 2016

Any movement can be overdone. Remember the Goldilock’s rule of thumb and if your swing isn’t looking closer to a good tour pro swing, it isn’t going to work like one...

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Danny Willett Masters Champion 2016 analysis


What you can learn from Bryson Dechambeau


Published on December 30th 2015

In my over a decade research and three decades of practical teaching experience, I come to the conclusion that............

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Matthew Fitzpatrick British Masters 2015 Champion Swing

October 13th 2015

A great swing and a lot to learn from.....

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